centenary way 133km / 83 miles linear walk

starting in york and finish at filey brigg north yorkshire, england

links with howardian way wolds way ebor way minster way cleveland way stage 9


Ordnance Survey Explorer Map 290 York

Ordnance Survey Explorer Map 300 Howardian Hills & Malton

Ordnance Survey Explorer Map 301 Scarborough, Bridlington & Flamborough Head

York trains bus services accommodation food available shops to Sherrif Hutton bus service food available shopparking at village hall


approaching first bridge in Strensallruins of tannery outside Strensall

The ruined building that you pass is the old tannery before arriving at the second bridge into Strensall

2nd Strensall bridge leaving Strensall

road to West Lilling

The minor tarmac road continues straight towards West Lilling. The road begins to raise before West Lilling and makes a right hand and then a left hand turn before entering the village. At the T junction cross the road and turn left up to a signed path off to the right.

towards Sheriff Hutton double stile towards Sheriff Hutton

Cross the road that leads to Sheriff Hutton Hall, go through the swing gate and across the duck boards. Keep to the edge of the field to a set of stiles and footbridge into another grass field.

entering Sheriff Hunton cricket groundscoreboard at Sheriff Hutton Cricket Club

Continue straight on to reach the Sheriff Hutton Cricket Club ground. The route goes between the hedge and the rope boundary before turning through the hedge just before the scoreboard.

The path now keeps to the left hand hedge to a metal farm gate and stile and onto the main road through Sheriff Hutton. Turn right along the pavement before turning right again into an enclosed path that then opens out into a grass field in front of the ruins of Sheriff Hutton Castle.

Sheriff Hutton CastleSheriff Hutton Castle ruins

Sherrif Hutton bus service food available shopparking at village hall to Terringtonbus service food available shopparking at village hall

7.5 kilometres / 4.7 miles approx walking time 1 hour 45 mins

stage 2 map 

through builders yard leaving Sheriff Hutton

You leave Sheriff Hutton through a builders yard at the bottom of the lane before turning left along the field side to a field corner. The path heads slightly left across the field, dipping down to the road to Bulmer.

Turn right and then left onto Carr Lane, a wide stone track.

carr laneleaving carr lane

Shortly after joining Carr Lane the Centenary Way turns right into an arable field.

after leaving carr lanefootbridge near gallops

The path follows the right hand edge of the field to a footbridge over a small stream. Cross the bridge.

gallopsleaving the gallops

You are now about to cross a very special track made of fine sand. Beware of race horses as this is one of many training gallops in this area of North Yorkshire.

Cross the track and bear left heading towards the hedge in front of you. Take the wide grass track to the left of the hedge to the next more conventional farm track.

ebor way leavesarable field track

The Ebor Way leaves to the left whilst the Centenary Way heads across another arable field to the left hand corner of a small copse. There is a waymark pole with a yellow top indicating the way.

leaving arable fieldgrass track climbing bank

After crossing the field the path goes to the left then leaves the field edge up a slight rise onto a wide grass track. Turn left along the track as it rises up the bank and the views open up.

arable field

old centenary way signHigh Stittenham

The Centenary Way leaves High Stittenham on a wide farm track having passed through wide field gates.

track leaving High Stittenhamtake the left fork in track

As it descends slightly the track divides and our route takes the left fork down to a field gate at the corner of Stittenham Wood.

towards Mowthorpe Bridgealong fence edge towards mowthorpe bridge

Through the gate the path then follows the field fence on the right and descends to Mowthorpe Bridge

mowthorpe bridge crossing mowthorpe bridge

The path raises up the hill before turning right through another field gate. Note the grass strips in the fields to the right that have been allowed to grow free for conservation purposes.

towards low mowthorpe farm centenary way directions

A gradual slope brings you to a directional post. Turn left here keeping to the field edge and join the tarmac track from the right. Follow the track around to the left and up the slope. The track continues all the way to Terrington.

road to Terrington

Terrington bus service food available shopparking at village hall to Coneysthorpe bus service  parking at village hallcaravan and camping site

11.25 kilometres / 7 miles approx walking time 2 hours 30 mins

Terrington ChurchEbor Way signpost on Terrington playing fields

The way continues up past the church and through an enclosed path out on to the Terrington School playing fields. At the end of the building on the right turn right, signposted Ebor Way, along the wall before descending via a series of steps on to a grass path. After a short while at a waymark the path turns left and starts a gradual descent into the valley bottom.


Cross the Wath Beck via a narrow footbridge and climb up Huskit Hill. Keep to the field edge up to a tarmac farm lane. Turn left and go up and over the bank. There are extensive views in all directions. The lane leads down and into the farmyard at Howthorpe Farm. Turn right through the farmyard and out down the sloping track to the bottom of the field where the Centenary Way takes the path to the left between the field edge to the left and stream to the right.

Go through two sets of gates and then cross the Wath Beck before turning right along the side of the beck into Hollin Hill Bog and Hollin Hill Plantation. The path emerges into an arable field. Turn right along the curving wide field margin until you reach a footpath gate.

very wet! Through the gate the path crosses a very wet valley bottom, past a magnificent tree and through another gate on the opposite side.

Passing through this gate the path now ascends up into Lodge Hag. At the top of the slope there is a junction of tracks. Continue straight on with the track continuing to climb and curve around to the left. As the track flattens out take the Centenary Way takes the next track to the right.

If its still there look at the horseshoe fungi on the dead tree. The track now curves around to the right and drops down to the Wath Beck again. The route crosses the beck via an old brick built bridge and then a grass field before entering Hollin Hill Plantation again. Joining a wide forest track the path now ascends again going directly over a crossroads and up to the top of the slope where there are extensive views over the valley towards the North York Moors.

very muddy after rain! The lower sections of this track can be very muddy after rain!

The Centenary Way continues to utilise this wide track all the way into Coneysthorpe Banks Wood having crossed the road from Slingsby to Castle Howard.

Coneysthorpe parking at village hall bus servicecaravan and camping siteto Kirkham Priory parking at Kirkham Abbey

9.9 kilometres / 6.2 miles approx walking time 2 hours 5 mins

Coneysthorpeconeysthorpe centenary way sign

walk to the bottom of the village, cross the road and turn left, walking along the pavement until you reach a large white footpath gate.

large white footpath gate gravel track

Once through the gate ignore the path to the left as the Centenary Way follows the wide stone track across two fields before bearing left across the meadow to reach a directional sign. The route turns left rejoining the stone track to Bog Hall.

approaching Bog Hall barn sign at Bog Hall

Cross the stream and the track heads into Collier Hag Plantation and bends around to the right to Bog Hall. The Centenary Way zig zags left right between barns. Note the way mark signs on the open barn.

track leaving Bog Hall Castle Howard Mausoleum comes into view

The way continues along the track as it leaves Bog Hall and continues to Low Gaterley with views of the Castle Howard Mausoleum off to the right. Approaching Low Gaterley turn right in front of the metal and wooden barn and gently climb up to a tarmac road.

metal top half of barnwooden bottom half of barn

Turn right again and continue along this road until you reach a directional signpost and a track again gently sloping up to the left. Follow this green track up to East Moor Banks. Shortly after entering the wood the Centenary Way turns left along a wide forest track.

Kirkham Priory to Malton

10 kilometres / 6.2 miles approx walking time 2 hours 10 mins

Malton to  North Grimston

9.1 kilometres / 5.7 miles approx walking time 1 hour 55 mins

 North Grimston to Thixendale

10.2 kilometres / 6.3 miles approx walking time 2 hours 30 mins

crossing rowmire beckminor road to birdsall wold

The walk turns left onto a minor road to take you all the way to Birdsall Wold. As you enter the lower end of the village cross over onto the pavement and continue up to the next junction. Keep to the main road as it bends around first to the left and then right up into the higher end of the village.

birdsall wold phone mail and litter binroad through birdsall wold

Turn left opposite the estate office along the road out of the village. Keep to the road as it makes a 90 turn right.

birdsall wold estate buildingsminor road leaving birdsall wold

A gentle slope then takes you up to the next bend in the road where the path leaves the tarmac onto a farm track.

towards birdsall brow

From Toisland Farm utilise the farm track up to a T junction and turn left.

near vessay pasturemeeting the wolds way

Follow this track to the point at which it turns left. This is where the Centenary Way meets the Wolds Way for the first time.

entering small coppice with earthworkstowards vessay hill

The Centenary Way turns left here through a small coppice hiding earthworks before emerging onto a grass track. This well defined track rises slightly before dipping to a stile and separate gate for those with large animals.

views over cow woldinto vassey passture dale

The views over the Wolds open up across Cow Wold. Drop down into Vessay Pasture Dale keeping the fence to your left. The track curves around to the right in the valley bottom. Go through the gate and go up to the left to another gate.

gate at bottom of vassey hillvassey hill

Pass through and go right up Vassey Hill to another gate into an arable field. Keep to the right edge of the field as it rises on to Cow Wold.

cow woldcow wold field corner

In the corner of the field turn left and continue on the wide path, past a small pit full of scrap up to a very elaborate stile to get to the farm track on the other side of the fence?

top of cow woldelaborate stile

chalk field

farm track over cow woldfork in lane close to cow wold barn

This track is now followed to the small coppice where the track splits into two, one going to the left to Cow Wold Barn and the other to the right down to a field gate and on all the way into Thixendale

entering thixendale thixendale shop

Thixendale limited bus service accommodation available food available shop to Wharram le Street

8.6 kilometres / 5.3 miles approx walking time 1 hour 55 mins

signpost at end of Thixendalecross keys thixendale

Go along the lane past the Cross Keys to the field gate entrance to the field containing Thixendale Cricket Club.

leaving thixendalethixendale cc

Pass between the club house and the pitch before taking the path rising slightly to the left.

crossing water daleat the end of court dale

You are heading for the signpost and stile straight ahead of you.

Continue along the well defined path to join a farm track heading into the dip. You can see the gate through which the path goes to the left.

court dale signpostcourt dale

Once through the gate the path climbs up the bank and then traverses along the top edge of Court Dale to then turn right into the corner of the field to another gate.

court dale traverse honey dale

The Centenary Way joins the track in front of you and slopes up the left hand edge of the field to a T junction at the top of the field. Turn left here and keep on this track.

chalkland way sign towards the north plantation

The next T junction rejoins the Centenary Way with the Wolds Way. Turn left and walk along the top edge of Deepdale

towards deep dale above deep dale


Wharram le Street to Wintringham

very low bard near Wood House large barn above Wood House

track away from barn signpost near Keepers Cottage

 Wolds Way centre route passage through trees

path running along edge of wood wild garlic 

path joins track through wood track turns and slopes up along side of wood

one of many animal tracks into the wood route continues upwards on track

view towards York

track bends back through top of wood High Bellmanear

water tanker corrogated shed

track from High Bellmanear Fat Boy 

trig point near settrington beaconentering beacon wold plantation

Take the wide forest track to the right of the trig point and enter Beacon Wold Plantation

beacon wold plantationdescending through beacon wold plantation

The path turns right onto a smaller track and flattens out before making a tight left hand turn to continue the descent.

looking towards wintringham

The path emerges from the wood to diagonally descend a steep bank to the end of a track. The track turns to tarmac and heads towards Wintringham.

Wintringham to Ganton

14.43 Kilometres / 8.97 miles 3 hours 18 mins

rabbits at work




Ganton to Filey Brigg

19.85 kilomeres / 12.34 miles 4 hours 25 mins

filey brigg

connecting with the Cleveland Way Stage 9