The Ultimate Adventurer's Christmas Gift!

When it comes to the ultimate in outdoor gear, the Guinness Record-breaking lightest tent in the world from innovative outdoor specialists Terra Nova Equipment, is hard to beat.

Terra Nova Laser Ultra 1 Picture credit Pete Macfarlane

For outdoor adventurers who insist on the best of everything, Terra Nova’s Laser Ultra 1, weighing in at 495g (1lb, 1oz) – just a little more than a small loaf - is the lightest double wall shelter in the world.  Designed for activities where ‘fast’ and ‘light’ are key, the minimal weight enables adventure racers and ultra-light backpackers to achieve optimum performance as they conserve vital energy for the activity itself.

Created from ULTRA fabric, the Laser Ultra 1 boasts titanium tent pegs and carbon fibre support rods, and can be pitched in an estimated five minutes.  Designed to sleep one person, it can accommodate two for overnight adventure races. Price: £800.

Terra Nova director Carolyn Budding explained: “The Laser Ultra 1 is an adventurer’s ultimate gift and whenever it is pitched at shows or events it proves the absolute star of the show, with its distinctive design and highly tactile flysheet fabric.”

Other class leading tents developed by the Terra Nova specialists include the world’s lightest two-person free standing tent, the Solar Ultra 2 which retails at £1,200 and the Voyager Ultra 2, retailing at £1,400.

Terra Nova


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