EOCA asks for your votes!

For the second year in a row – thanks to both the growth in membership and Sustaining Members – the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) is able to hold a second annual funding round.  Having created a shortlist of vital and worthwhile conservation projects all linked to the outdoor enthusiast, EOCA is now asking people to vote for their favourite projects, to choose which projects receive funding from EOCA totaling €90,000.

During July, EOCA received 92 applications for funding from conservation organisations working in 58 different countries. A true indication that word is spreading about the European outdoor industry supporting conservation of the great outdoors.

The General Managers of EOCA spent the summer assessing the projects against the EOCA funding criteria.  These criteria ensure that the Association funds projects which conserve a threatened species and/or habitat, have a link to the outdoor enthusiast, engage the local community, have an educational element and leave a positive legacy. 

Once the projects were all scored and a shortlist drawn up, the EOCA panel of scientific advisors were asked to assess the list.   This panel is made up of experts in different areas of conservation who voluntarily give their time to the Association to advise on conservation issues.  EOCA is incredibly grateful to them for their time, expertise and reassurances that the Association is funding the most worthwhile conservation projects.

EOCA would be very happy to fund all of the projects on the shortlist.  Sadly, there are not the funds to do this and so a public vote is held in the spring and autumn to ask the public what they would like EOCA to fund.  The autumn project vote is now open!!

Before 12.00hrs (BST) on the 19th October, anyone can visit the EOCA English and German websites at www.outdoorconservation.eu to vote for their favourite projects.  From the homepage, click on the big green “Make a Difference” button to visit the voting pages. Visitors can vote once in each of the three categories:  Alpine, Outdoor and Nature.  The project with the most votes in each category will receive the funding it requested from EOCA.

Catherine Savidge, General Manager at EOCA said “Due to the generosity of the Association’s 127 members, a total of €280,000 is being spent this year on conservation.  The public now has the opportunity to help us choose how to spend €90,000 on three projects.   We are asking people to please get involved by voting and asking their colleagues, friends, followers, fans, family, customers and suppliers to also vote.   This is a great opportunity to have your say in how the funds generously donated by your favourite brands are spent. But it is not an easy choice – there are a lot of vital and fascinating projects to choose from”

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