A united industry with one message: ‘It’s Great Out There’

Details have been revealed of ‘It’s Great Out There’, a unique pan-European consumer campaign to promote participation in outdoor activities. European outdoor companies will work together to inspire and incentivise the public to head outdoors and find out more about the importance of an active lifestyle. Starting from 27th July, product prizes worth over €20,000 will be used to attract more outdoor enthusiasts through a series of social media competitions and a dedicated online platform.

Launching the campaign to the industry during the annual OutDoor trade show in Friedrichshafen, EOG president John Jansen said:

“Everyone in our industry believes in the positive impact that outdoor activities have on individuals and on society. Fitness, life skills, fun, health, unforgettable memories and a sustainable connection with nature - the power of outdoor sports is phenomenal. These are messages that Europe’s leading outdoor companies believe must be shared with as wide an audience as possible. That is why we are all working together to promote ‘It’s Great Out There’.

“#ItsGreatOutThere is a simple hashtag that we can all use to express our feelings – wherever we are and whatever we are doing. Let’s demonstrate our community spirit and shout about the outdoors with one collective voice.”

Led by the European Outdoor Group (EOG), ‘It’s Great Out There’ has the unprecedented backing and active involvement of outdoor businesses from all over Europe. The campaign will target social media networks, using the single hashtag #ItsGreatOutThere and its first phase will run until the first European Week of Sport in September. People will be incentivised to get outdoors through a sustained programme of four social media competitions, with prizes provided by EOG members and other campaign participants.

‘It’s Great Out There’ will also be integrated with the European Commission’s wider #BeActive programme to encourage participation in sport. Outdoor will be one of four focus topics during the European Week Of Sport and campaign activity will build up to that event.

The first ‘It’s Great Out There’ campaign marks the opening stage of a long term multi-layered project to: Reach grass roots audiences with positive messages about the outdoors; mobilise industry stakeholders to work collectively to promote outdoor participation; and influence policy makers to harness outdoor sports to encourage the public to lead healthier, happier lives.

Mathias Basedow, EOG marketing and communications manager, adds:

“Europe is facing an inactivity crisis and the outdoor sector has the potential to play a big role in addressing this. ‘It’s Great Out There’ offers a great opportunity to reach a huge audience with positive and inspirational messages about the benefits of outdoor activities. I urge everyone in the industry to get involved and help us reach and inspire many millions of people in Europe.”

For more details about the campaign and how to get involved visit www.itsgreatoutthere.eu. The EOG will also welcome participants and campaign partners from outside its membership and is looking for wide media support to help promote the initiative.

’It’s Great Out There’ campaign initial timeline:

‘It’s Great Out There’ had an industry launch during OutDoor at Friedrichshafen, including the website (www.itsgreatoutthere.eu) and social media channels (using the #ItsGreatOutThere hashtag) will go live

The first competitions will start to run from 27th July – full details will be available on the website.