walking boots

walking boot reviews 

Boot Types

Boots are categorised by use and the seasons they are going to be worn in. The categories are as follows

  • BO 3-season boots. Only restrictions are that they can not take crampons and are not recommended for use in snow. Other than that they can be used for valley, hill and mountain walks, for backpacking, scrambling and on via ferrata. B0 boots are the most flexible.
  • B1 3-4 season boots. Ideal for use on and off snow whilst hill walking or backpacking in the mountains.
  • B2 4-season boots. Very stiff sole for use in snow when out hill walking, climbing or mountaineering.
  • B3 4-season boots. Extremely stiff with flat soles designed for snow and ice climbing and mountaineering (not walking!). Designed to be used with crampons.

 Elements of the Sole

  • Toe Box
  • Midsole
  • Outsole
  • Heel Cup 


Resistance to Water 



Feet vary across Europe and apparently the UK foot is generally wider than that of the rest of the continent. Some boot manufacturers construct their boots accordingly, having specific boots for the UK market. The width at the heel is generally wider at the heel for Men's boots.

When looking at size, the inner boot should be approximately 15mm longer than your foot (the depth of a finger)