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The coastline of the Netherlands is part of the North Sea Trail, a walking route circumnavigating the North Sea.

The long distance walking routes of The Netherlands are known in their abbreviated form LAW's. The 35 LAWs cover the whole country mainly on unpaved paths with a total length in excess of 6,000 kilometres.

In typical Dutch fashion the routes are organised in such a way that can be accessed easily via their extensive public transport network. The routes are joined together at points where accommodation is also available.

An overview of the Long Distance Walking Route network can be seen at www.wandelnet.nl/wandelroute


All LAWs are linear walking routes linear walking route

Friese Woudenpad LAW 1-1 147 kilometres /  88 miles 

Pionierspad LAW 1-2 200 kilometres / 120 miles 

Floris V-pad LAW 1-3 245 kilometres / 147 miles 

Trekvogelpad LAW 2 400 kilometres / 240 miles 

Marskramerpad LAW 3 360 kilometres / 216 miles 

Maarten van Rossumpad LAW 4 384 kilometres / 230 miles 

Deltapad LAW 5-1 237 kilometres / 142 miles

Hollands Kustpad LAW 5-2/5-3 213 kilometres / 128 miles

Kustpad deel 3 Friesland, Groningen (LAW 5-3) 131 kilometres / 79 miles

Grenslandpad LAW 11 363 kilometres / 218 miles

Grote Rivierenpad LAW 6 276 kilometres / 166 miles

Hertogenpad LAW 13 238 kilometres / 143 miles

Noaberpad LAW 10 415 kilometres / 249 miles

Overijssels Havezatepad LAW 12 272 kilometres / 163 miles

Zuiderzeepad LAW 8 400 kilometres / 240 miles

Pelgrimspad deel 2 LAW 7-2 250 kilometres / 150 miles

Pieterpad deel 1 LAW 9-1 235 kilometres / 141 miles

Pieterpad deel 2 LAW 9-2 257 kilometres / 257 miles

European Long Distance Walking Route E2 European Long Distance Walking Route E8 European Long Distance Walking Route E9 European Long Distance Walking Route E11

IML Walking Association Nijmegan Four Days' Marches 


train services in The Netherlands NS (Netherlands Railways)


ferries to The Netherlands Ferries to the Netherlands

DFDS Newcastle to Amsterdam

Stena Line Harwich to the Hook of Holland

DFDS Dover to Dunkirk 

P&O Hull to Rotterdam

Train + Ferry

ferries in The Netherlands Ferries in The Netherlands

Wagenborg ferries to Ameland and Schiermonnikoog

Rederij Doeksen ferries to Vlieland and Terschelling

Teso ferry to Texel 


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Oranganis have supplied the following information

Netherlands, Noaberpad

Report of all the sections of the Noaberpad. The Noaberpad (Noaber is - in dialect - the word for neighbour, so it means “the path of the neighbours) is a 415 km. long distance way marked trail between Nieuweschans (Netherlands) and Emmerich or Kleve (Germany). Between the North Sea and the Rhine River.

It runs through the most sparsely populated areas of both countries. Old fortified villages and constructions (Oudeschans, Bourtange), polders, forgotten peat moorlands, characteristic farms, woodlands.

The trail follows the banks of canals, ditches and creeks (towpaths), runs across meadows and arable lands, small and wide footpaths in the forests, church paths, cycle paths and sometimes small asphalt rural roads. A remarkable and surprising trail. Ever changing scenery. Height: 1 - 60 m. 90% of the trail is as flat as a pancake. Read more

Netherlands, Twentepad

Report of a four day loop walk: the Twentepad in the East of the Netherlands. This circular and regional path is created by the Stichting Wandelnet and it is possible to walk it in four days. The trail is marked yellow-red. The trail follows a castle lane, tow paths, wide and small paths, cycle roads and sometimes rural asphalt roads, through a landscape characterized as bocage.

The Almelo-Nordhorn canal, start digging in 1884 and barely used by skippers, now is an unique nature reserve. The watermills of Frans and Bels. Or the meandering Dinkel river. There are several fens, marshes and peat bogs on trail. The Mosbeek and Springen dales (with barrow hills, Iron Age, and water sources).
Height: until 79 m.( Paaschberg day 3.) Read more

and of course the descriptions are also available in their native Dutch language on oranginas.nl