walking in western europe

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All the countries in Western Europe have extensive networks of walking routes with local, regional, national trails and European Walking Routes going through them.

The extremes in physical geography in Western Europe are huge. The isolated west coast of Ireland provide open spaces and dramatic scenery for walkers to lose themselves in, in a good way, The Netherlands have spectacular coastal scenery, flatlands and undulating hills. Belgium and Luxembourg undulating landscapes with large expanses of forest.

The jewel in the crown of Western Europe (excluding the UK) is France. Its size, diversity of landscape and weather make France an ideal destination for all walking abilities. From the coast and gently undulating landscapes of the north to the Jura, Alps and Pyrénées in the south France has an abundance of hiking possibilities mapped out with a network of signed footpaths, the Grande Randonnée (GR)

GR93 sign in the French Alps

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