Esk Valley Way 56km / 35 miles linear walking route 

The walk starts at Blakey Ridge Junction

Links with the Lyke Wake Walk, Coast to Coast stage 12 clay bank top to glaisdale and the Cleveland Way at Whitby


Ordnance Survey Explorer OL26 North York Moors - Western area

Ordnance Survey Explorer OL27 North York Moors - Eastern area


Start of the Esk Valley Way Leaving Blakey Ridge

The Esk Valley Way utilises the old railway track used by the lead miners on the moors so the initial going is flat and very well defined as it skirts and curves high above Farndale to the left.

Looking down into Farndale Passing Round Crag

The message board on the left and the stone to the right mark the point where the Esk Valley Way meet the Coast to Coast and Lyke Wake walks from the right.

Blakey message board Lyke Wake Walk stone marker

The track now curves to the left around one of the heads of Farndale at Gill Wath with extensive views down the valley

looking down Farndale form Gill Wath  Looking back at Round Crag and in the distance Lion Inn

Looking back on the route you can now see Round Crag below the route and high above in the distance is the Lion Inn, Blakey.

The track now curves back to the right to go through a small cutting to open up into the major head of the dale.

towards the head of Farndale

heather in bloom on the moor

e v w stake

One more cutting and the track again curves around to the left. At the footpath crossroads defined by a signpost the Esk Valley Way leaves the old railway line and descends to the right into the Esk Valley.

Signpost at the top of Eskdale descent into Eskdale

A very distinctive track is used to descend into Eskdale which starts gently but after passing through a field gate becomes steeper as it goes further into the valley bottom.

field gate in upper Eskdale entering upper Eskdale

At the bottom of the slope there is a T junction where the Esk Valley Way turns left. There is a waymark on a post indicating the way.

left into Eskdale further into upper Eskdale

The path goes though a field gate and just beyond leaves the track indicated by a waymark sign.

path leaves track path crossing field in upper Eskdale

The path is firm under foot to start although you do need to negotiate a boggy stream before arriving at a double stile in the bottom corner of the field. Once over the stiles the path drops down to a wooden

double stile in corner of field  drop down to footbridge

 bridge and then runs along the side of mesh fence before entering the first mass of bracken obsecuring the route and dropping down again to the first bridge over the River Esk.

Path along mesh fence  mass of bracken obsecuring the route

first bridge over the River Esk  Upper Esk valley

The path continues along above the river alternating between clear dry path, stream bog and dense bracken for just over 1 kilometre

waterlogged planks over boogy terrain continuing down upper Esk Dale

 first stop valve second stop valve 

first ford over River Esk footbridge next to the ford 

footpath sign after footbridge footbridge in corner of field 

 stone stile approaching Wood End wooden stile leaving Wood End

 Danby Methodist Church bench under beech tree in Danby 

Signpost outside Danby Railway Station looking down on Danby Railway Station 

Crossing the River Esk Danby stone village sign

Esk Valley bridleway sign Esk Valley Walk taking to the road

path eventually leaves road warning can be muddy 

narrowing grass field new railway bridge 

cross line carefully whistling bridge 

looking towards Danby National Park Centre wet buttercup meadow close to the Esk 

footbridge over the Esk bank land slip on the Esk 

permanent guard hedged path 






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