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North Yorkshire provides the walker with a wealth of of walking routes to choose from. With two National Parks, the Yorkshire Dales National Park and the North York Moors National Park, four National Trails, Pennine Way, the Dales Way, the Wolds Way and the Cleveland Way and three very famous walking routes Wainwright's Coast to Coast, The Three Peaks of Yorkshire and The Lyke Wake Walk walkers of all abilities can find a walking route to suit them within North Yorkshire.

White Horse Kilburn North Yorkshire

National Parks

north york moors national park

yorkshire dales national park 

The geography of North Yorkshire 

The geography of North Yorkshire also enhances the walking pleasure with a rugged coastline to the east with high cliffs and sharp descents to hidden bays, the high moorland of the North York Moors, the deep dry valleys of the Yorkshire Wolds, the flat plains of the Vale of York and the Vale of Mowbray and the limestone dales and high hills of the Yorkshire Dales.

North Yorkshire coast near Filey Brigg

There are walking routes along rivers, across moors, in the wolds and in the dales so North Yorkshire is a county for the walker to explore time and time again. The highest point in North Yorkshire is the top of Whernside in the Yorkshire Dales National Park at 736m. Whernside is part of the Three Peaks of Yorkshire challenge walk

iconic Ribblehead Viaduct 

What is the difference between a sink hole and a shake hole?

absolutely nothing!!!

They are formed in the limestone regions of the Yorkshire Dales by a gradual removal of slightly soluble bedrock by percolating water or the collapse of a cave roof.

Limestone Pavements

The limestone pavements of North Yorkshire were initially created by advancing glaciers scrapping away the overburden on top of horizontally bedded limestone. Following on from the glacial retreat the limestone was left bare and susceptible to erosion from acid rain creating drainage channels in the soluble rock.

Limestone pavement in North Yorkshire

These channels locally called "grikes" or "grykes" have in certain circumstances produced a block paving effect on the surface, notable examples being the top of Malham Cove and wide areas around Ingleborough.


National Trail AcornNational Trails in North Yorkshire

Pennine Way 

Cleveland Way 

Yorkshire Wolds Way


Walking routes in or passing through North Yorkshire in ascending order of distance

circular walking route Wass Wanderer's Way 17 kilometres / 10.5 miles

linear walking route Blue Man Walk 26 kilometres / 16 miles

circular walking route Heart of Bowland Walk 29 kilometres / 18 miles

linear walking route Howardian Way 46.3 kilometres / 28 miles

linear walking route Knaresborough Round 32 kilometres / 20 miles

linear walking route Newtondale Trail 32 kilometres / 20 miles

linear walking route Skipton Settle Link 32 kilometres / 20 miles

circular walking route Harrogate Ringway 34 kilometres / 21 miles

circular walking route Yorkshire Square Walk 39 kilometres / 24 miles

circular walking route Settle Scramble 40 kilometres / 25 miles

linear walking route Three Rivers Walks 40 kilometres / 25 miles

circular walking route The Three Peaks of Yorkshire 39 kilometres / 24 miles

Three Peaks of Yorkshire

circular walking route Nidd Vale Circuit 42 kilometres / 26 miles

circular walking route Scarborough Rock Challenge 42 kilometres / 26 miles

circular walking route Wharfedale Washburn Walk 42 kilometres / 26 miles

linear walking route Foss Walk 45 kilometres / 28 miles

linear walking route Nidd Valley Link 45 kilometres / 28 miles

circular walking route Almscliff Amble 48 kilometres / 30 miles

circular walking route Bilsdale Circuit 48 kilometres / 30 miles

linear walking route Three Moors Walk 48 kilometres / 30 miles

linear walking route Hambleton Hobble 50 kilometres / 31 miles

linear walking route North Bowland Travers 50 kilometres / 31 miles

circular walking route Lower Dales Three Hostels Walk 51 kilometres / 32 miles

linear walking route North York Moors Wobble 51 kilometres / 32 miles

linear walking route Esk Valley Way 56 kilometres / 35 miles

linear walking route Limestone Lion 56 kilometres / 35 miles

circular walking route Rosedale Cicuit 59 kilometres / 37 miles

linear walking route Lyke Wake Walk 63 kilometres / 39 miles

circular walking route Chalkland Way 64 kilometres / 40 miles

circular walking route Samaritan Way 64 kilometres / 40 miles

linear walking route Seahorse Saunter 69 kilometres / 43 miles

circular walking route Ainsty Bounds Walk 71 kilometres / 44 miles

linear walking route Airedale Way 80 kilometres / 50 miles

linear walking route Minster Way 80 kilometres / 50 miles

circular walking route Ripon Rowal 80 kilometres / 50 miles

Ripon Canal on the Ripon Rowel

circular walking route Nidderdale Way 85 kilometres / 53 miles

circular walking route Herriot Way 88 kilometres / 55 miles

linear walking route Jorvic Way 104 kilometres / 65 miles

linear walking route Ebor Way 112 kilometres / 70 miles

linear walking route Dales Walk 112 kilometres / 70 miles

linear walking route Lancashire Trial 113 kilometres / 70 miles

linear walking route Ribble Way 118 kilometres / 73 miles

circular walking route Inn Way 122 kilometres / 76 miles

linear walking route Swale Way 124 kilometres / 77 miles

circular walking route Bowland Round 128 kilometres / 79 miles

linear walking route Yorkshire Wolds Way 127 kilometres / 79 miles

linear walking route Dales Way 130 kilometres / 81 miles

Dales Way meadow grass

linear walking route Centenary Way North Yorkshire 133 kilometres / 83 miles

Centenary Way

linear walking route Eskdale Way 133 kilometres / 83 miles

circular walking route East Riding Heritage Way 136 kilometres / 84 miles

linear walking route Tidewater Way 145 kilometres / 90 miles

linear walking route Bowland - Dales Traverse 153 kilometres / 95 miles

linear walking route North York Moors Walk 158 kilometres / 98 miles

linear walking route Lady Anne's Way 161 kilometres / 100 miles

linear walking route Roses Walk 161 kilometres / 100 miles

linear walking route Yoredale Way 163 kilometres / 101 miles

circular walking route Abbeys Amble 167 kilometres / 104 miles

linear walking route Abbott's Hike 172 kilometres / 107 miles

linear walking route Cleveland Way 177 kilometres / 110 miles

linear walking route Abbey Trail 187 kilometres / 116 miles

linear walking routeCoast to Coast 306 kilometres / 190 miles

linear walking route Pennine Way 404 kilometres / 251 miles



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