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peddars way and norfolk coast path 151 kilometres / 94 miles

linear path

Ordnance Survey Explorer 1:25 000 Map 

St Edmunds Chapel HunstantonHunstanton lighthouse

Having walked along the edge of the car park the path heads towards the beach and then turns up into the sandy bank.

towards Old Hunstanton

The Peddars Way joins

the coast at Flaxley crossing the Hunstanton Golf Club on route

warning as you cross Hunstanton Golf Clubdune flora

Brancaster Staithe

shellfish bath on Brancaster MarshBrancaster lobster pots

shellfish machinelooking back over Mow Creek

The path now runs behind the properties on the main road to the end of the village before heading out on the edge of Deepdale Marsh

no animalspath between the marsh and Brancaster Staithe

Wells next the Sea

tidal monitor station in Wells next the Seasite of the Norfolk Freeholders public house

Chandlery in Wells next the Sea

leaving Wells next the Sea marker bouys in storage

climb onto the sea defences

dredger on the sand and Wells marshes warning of impending shooting on the marshes

The sea defenses stretch out in front of you as you leave Wells next the Sea

walking along the sea defenses