Teesdale Way 161 kilometres / 100 miles teesdale way

from dufton cumbria to middlesbrough cleveland England

European Walking Route E2

Teesdale Way signpost


high cup nick panorama

pennine way stone sign

maize beck grain beck footbridge 

stone quarry on opposite bank crossing footbridge over a tributary of the Tees 

quarry blasting sign River Tees above High Force 

telegraph pole planter

above High Force River Tees High Force 

High Force safety bracken before High Force 

path along Keedholm Scar stone steps up to Keedholm Scar 

instruction on bridge footbridge over the Tees close to Holwick Head House 

Trekmates keeps the sheep in the shade Sheep at Low Force 

River Tees Low Force Wynch Suspension Bridge  


February 16th 2012 Overcast 8°C muddy under foot

signpost leaving Girsby arable field leaving Girsby

tall post indicating route through hedge arable field with tramlines indicating route

wide opening through hedge joining farm track

leaving farm track path through newly planted trees

defined path over arable field path heading towards the White House

path along field edge heading towards metal dog kennel

sign to the right of kennel wide path along field edge

horse jump through hedge  left through metal gate 

please keep to the path wooden arrow indicating the route

towards Hill House Hill House welcome

Teesdale Way Mud 




 Pennine Way Damian Hall

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