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Walking in Italy encompasses spectacular high level routes in the Alps, Dolomites and Appennines, quite rambles through wonderful undulating hills, magnificent coastlines and of course the people and the food.

The "Sentiero Italia" is a project, spearheaded by members of the Italian Alpine Club to create a route running through Sardinia, Sicily and the whole of the main peninsula, traversing the Alps and terminating in Trieste.


The Grande Excursione Appenninica (GEA)

The GEA is a long distance route along the spine of the Appennines  from Bocca Trabaria in Umbria to the Passo dei due Santi on the Tuscany - Emilia border

The Grande Traversata delle Alpi (GTA)


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Italy, Tuscany ( Toscana)

Report of a five day hiking trail from Florence to Siena, in the heart of Tuscany. In early spring, in tolerable temperatures, the trail passes fortified buildings, old farmsteads, vineyards and olive orchards, through  hilly country , woods, mediaeval villages, Romanesque churches, chapels,  avenues bordered by old cypress trees.

Great views of Florence in the morning and in the afternoon the River Arno. In St Polo in Chianti the scenery  is more open, walking the wide and almost white footpaths, passing farmsteads and fortified buildings: the classic Tuscany image. Castellina ,a little site-step to the Etruscan tombs. At the end: Siena! Height: highest peak on trail: 530m. Read more

Italy, Sardinia

Report of a five day hiking trail on the island. Seas of flowers, cactus, cork-oaks. The remains of the former inhabitants, the Nuraghe. The Domus de Janas, between Dolgali and Galteti, the S.Pietro at Galteti. The Porceddu, sucking pigs roasted at the open fire. All the time those magnificent mountain and sea views, the romantic coast, the rough and unspoiled nature. To admire the towering mountain peaks, the bizarre cliff formations, the caves, the unspoiled nature. Walking in Sardinia is “ do it yourself”, a surprise, fences, no trespassing, private property, good-luck! ( “a headache file”). Read more

and of course the descriptions are also available in their native Dutch language on oranginas.nl

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sentiero matilda

stage 1 prima tappa Quattro Ciano d'Enzaal castello to Canossa e Bergogno

 kilometres approx walking time 4 hours 30 mins ascent 600m descent200m



stage 2 seconda tappa Canossa e Bergogno to Casina

 kilometres approx walking time 3 hours ascent 350m descent250m



stage 3 tezza tappa Casina to Carpineti bus service accommodation available food available shop pharmacy bank

kilometres approx walking time 4 hours ascent 350m descent300m



stage 4 quarta tappa Carpineti to Toano bus service accommodation

 kilometres approx walking time 5 hoursascent 850m descent450m

signpost on the Sentiero Matilda 

 wood pile far view of Bismantova


stage 5 quinta tappa Toano to Fontanaluccia / Gazzano

 kilometres approx walking time 5 hours 45 mins ascent 600m descent700m



stage 6 sesta tappa Ligonchio to Rifugio Battisti

 kilometres approx walking time 5 hours ascent 850m descent50m

 Rifugio Battisti


stage 7 settima tappa Rifugio Battisti to S. Pellegrino in Alpe


 kilometres approx walking time 5 hours 30 mins ascent 400m descent630m