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Walking in Greece

Oranganis have supplied the following information

Greece, Crete South West

 Report of a six day hiking trail in Sfakia South West Crete. Descending and ascending a number of gorges, along quiet beaches, (abandoned) historical settlements, and in spring seas of flowers.

Beautiful hiking trails through gorges, including the world-famous Samaria gorge, but also through other less known but certainly no less beautiful gorges, like the Imbros gorge, the Aradena gorge or the Sfakiana gorge.

Using the coastal track (E4), old tracks between settlements, sometimes asphalt, along beaches or using trails maintained by local mountaineering associations. Churches, ikonastasis, the remains of the Minoic settlements (Aradena), Agios Pavlos, day 3. Height: sea level up to 1130m.
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and of course the description is available in their native Dutch language on oranginas.nl

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