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Via Egnatia Hiking Trail

Part 1 475km from Durrës (Durazzo, Albania) to Thessaloniki (Greece)

Via Egnatia is the ancient Roman road to Istanbul that starts in Durrës, Albania, extending the Via Appia from Rome. Through mountains and valleys, along riverbeds, past lakes and seaside, villages and cities, Via Egnatia goes 1000 km eastward to Turkey. Parts of the old road are still there to enjoy for the observant hiker.

Via Egnatia Trail Map Albania

Making use of the former Roman stations, this is a journey into history that will change your views on Europe. Via Egnatia stands for the cultural connection between East and West. Walking here offers a special insight  into the amalgam of cultures that have become the Balkans.

The first part of the Via Egnatia Hiking Trail, running 475km from Durrës on the Adriatic coast through Albania, Macedonia and Greece to Thessaloniki, is ready for the adventurous walker.

An extensive full colour guide book with step by step description, topographic maps, waypoints and gps track, practical information, language glossary, history and background information is available at http://www.viaegnatiafoundation.eu

The Via Egnatia in Albania

The Via Egnatia Hiking trail is part of a greater project of the Via Egnatia Foundation. This Foundation promotes cross border cooperation and contacts in the region of the Via Egnatia in the fields of culture, science, sustainable tourism and peace education.

The Via Egnatia Hiking Trail is part of a greater project that promotes contacts and mutual understanding between the Via Egnatia countries and small scale development of the poorest areas.

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Please check http://www.viaegnatiafoundation.eu for more information!