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There are 37 National Parks and 9 National Hiking Areas in Finland in order for you to indulge yourself in walking isolation.

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This is a spectacular country of forests, trees, mountains and space, lots of space that is equipped for the outdoor enthusiast.

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The many hiking trails that lead you to free and open huts, reserve-able huts and wild camp sites.

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The majority of free and open huts are located in the northern and eastern areas of Finland, usually in road less landscapes.

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The water is so pure in the streams that Visit Finland say that you can just drink it straight from the flow so there should be little necessity to carry large amounts on treks.

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National Hiking Areas


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Signed hiking routes in Finland in ascending distance order

Ruostejärvi - Saari Trail 11 kilometres

Pieni Karhunkierros 12 kilometres 

Virvatulten polku 19 kilometres

Tapion taival Trail 20 kilometres

Ruostejärvi - Liesjärvi National Park Trail 24 kilometres

Poronpolku Trail 30 kilometres

Taitajan Taival Trail 31 kilometres

Ruijanpolku Trail 35 kilometres

Nuortti Hiking Trail 40 kilometres

Hetta - Pallas Hiking Trail 55 kilometres linear walking route 

Herajärvi Trail 30 - 61 kilometres circular walking routes 

Kevo Trail 63 kilometres 

Karhunkierros Trail 80 kilometres

  • Due to its location in Eastern Lapland the best time to hike this trail is between the 1st June and 15th October

Peuran Polku Trail 115 kilometres

Itäraja Summer Hiking Route 160 kilometres

Nordkalottleden Trail 800 kilometres

European Long Distance Walking Route E6 European Long Distance Walking Route E6

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