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Walking in Romania

The Northern Carpathians

The Rodna Mountains

The Călimani Mountains

Lacul Roşu and the Hăşmaş Mountains

Southern and South Eastern Carpathians 

Vrancea Mountains

Penteleu Mountains

Ciucaş Mountains 

Bucegi Mountains

Leaota Mountains 

The Făgăraş Mountains are the highest mountains of the Southern Carpathian Mountain Range with the highest peak being Moldoveanu at 2544 metres


Retezat Mountains

Şureanu Mountains 

Sebeş Mountains


The Mountains of Romania The Mountains of Romania by James Roberts published by Cicerone

Hiking Guide to Romania by Tim Burford published by Bradt

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Caprei saddle-Vânătoarea lui Buteanu linear walking route

ascent icon 300 metres   descent icon50 metres     approx time  40 mins


Văiugii saddle - Bâlea Lake, through Văiugii vale linear walking route

ascent icon 50 metres    descent icon350 metres     approx time  45 mins

Bâlea Lac - Bâlea waterfall through Doamnei vale linear walking route

ascent icon 250 metresdescent icon1050 metres  approx time  45 mins


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   Ohaba - Pietrele linear walking route

  ascent icon 1080 metres  approx time 6 hours


Pietrele-Bucura Lake linear walking route

  ascent icon 730 metres  descent icon160 metres   approx time 4 hours


Bucura Lake-Câmpul lui Neag

Bucura Lake-Câmpul lui Neag  linear walking route

  ascent icon 300 metres   descent icon1490 metres   approx time 10 hours


Bucura Lake-Câmpul lui Neag

Pietrele-Stânişoarei vale-Retezat peak   linear walking route

  ascent icon 1000 metres     approx time 4 hours