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Walking in Poland

The Tatras Mountains bordering Slovakia are part of the Carpathian chain. Split into the Western Tatras, High Tatras and White Tatras, the mountain group is 57 kilometres long and at its narrowest point 19 kilometres wide. The highest peak is Gerlach at 2654m. The highest peak in Poland is Rysy at 2499m

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Poland, Giant Mountains

Report of a five day hiking trail through the Karkonoski  National Park  (Giant Mountains) in the south of Poland.

Our route partly followed the old customs road (or Roman road) along paths full of snow, mountain sides with high winds, but also fantastic views,  impressive rough rocks masses and green valleys.

At height you can see the destructive influence from the unrestrained pollution from past industrial emissions: dead trees, no leaves... Nevertheless there is a lot of great nature left to discover and Poland is working hard to recover the area.
Height: 600-1164-1490m. Read more

and of course the descriptions are also available in their native Dutch language on oranginas.nl 

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