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walking in the Black Forest 

The Schwarzwald, Black Forest, region of southern Germany has an extensive network of signed routes covering the entire area including the oldest marked long distance path in the world, the Westweg, created in 1900.

gaurandweg  hotzenwald Kendelweg mittelweg ortenauer weinpfad ostweg ouerweg ouerweg bodensee 

ouerweg rottweil ouerweg schapbach schwarzwald bodensee westweg zugang zugangswege_zum_ostweg zugangswege_zum_westweg 

There is a great website covering walking routes across the whole of Germany at Wanderbares Deutschland 

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ostweg linear walking route

 ostweg way mark sign

238.5 kilometres 

links with the westweg and mittelweg

stage 1 pforzheim to bad liebenzell

25 kilometres

stage 2 bad liebenzell to oberhaugstett

21 kilometres

stage 3 oberhaugstett to pfalzgrafenweiler

22 kilometres

stage 4 pfalzgrafenweiler to freudenstadt

17 kilometres

stage 5 freudenstadt to alpirsbach

18.5 kilometres

stage 6 alpirsbach to schramberg

21 kilometres

stage 7 schramberg to villingen

25 kilometres

stage 8 villingen to sunthausen

16 kilometres 

stage 9 sunthausen to geisingen

19 kilometres

stage 10 geisingen to achdorf

19.5 kilometres

stage 11 achdorf to stühlingen 

15.5 kilometres

stage 12 stühlingen to schaffhausen

19 kilometres 

mittelweg linear walking route

mittelweg way sign 

pforzheim to waldshut

western route 233 kilometres

eastern route 228.5 kilometres

stage 1 pforzheim to bad wildbad

23 kilometres approx walking time 5 hours 30 mins

stage 2 bad wildbad to besenfeld

31 kilometres approx walking time 8 hours

stage 3 besenfeld to oberzwieselberg

28 kilometres approx walking time 6 hours 30 mins

stage 4 oberzwieselberg to schiltach

23 kilometres approx walking time 6 hours

stage 5 schiltach to staude

25.5 kilometres

stage 6 staude to furtwangen

23 kilometres

stage 7 furtwangen to neustadt

24 kilometres 

At neustadt the route divides into two with western and eastern routes both taking two days to reach the finish at waldshut 

western route

stage 8 neustadt to häusern

29 kilometres

stage 9 häusern to waldshut

26.5 kilometres 

eastern route

stage 8 neustadt to rothaus

22 kilometres

stage 9 rothaus to waldshut

29 kilometres 

ruhrhöhenweg linear walking route

100 kilometres / 62 miles approx time 5-6 days  

harmannsweg linear walking route 

160 kilometres / 100 miles approx time 5-9 days  

rothaarsteig linear walkng route 

154 kilometres / 95 miles approx time 8 days  

hexenstieg linear walking route 

94 kilometres / 58 miles approx time 4-5 days  

goethwanderweg circular walking route 

18 kilometres / 11 miles approx time 1 day