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walking in hungary

21,000 kilometres of marked rambling paths 2,500 kilometres of which are National Trails


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long range trail through several regions long range trail through several regions

hiking trail going through one or more regions hiking trail through one or two regions

hiking trail through one region hiking trail through an individual region

local hiking trail local hiking trail



National Blue Trail 1100km

National Blue Trail official site does not translate into english even if you click the flag?

National Blue Trail unofficial site 

The Blue Trail of the Great Hungarian Plain (Alföldi Kéktúra) 850km

The Red Trail of Örvidék 105km

The Blue Trail of the Balaton-felvidék 94km

The Metallurgists Trail 134km

Rákóczi Trail 56km

Móricz Zsigmond Trail 148km

European Long Distance Walking Route e3 European Long Distance Walking Route e4 European Long Distance Walking Route e5


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Walking in Hungary Walking in Hungary by Tom Chrystal and Beáta Dósa 

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Arpaşu de Jos - Bâlea waterfall linear walking route

28 kilometres / 17 miles ascent icon 650 metres  approx time  5 hours  30 mins


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Bâlea waterfall - Balea lake through Buteanu linear walking route

ascent icon 1050 metres  descent icon250 mins   approx time  5 hours  30 mins

Bâlea waterfall - Balea lake, through Bâlea  linear walking route

ascent icon 800 metres     approx time  2 hours  30 mins