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The Swiss Alps are known for their unique network of hiking trails. Over 10,000 kilometres of hiking paths, 937 mountain peaks and 615 lakes make Graubünden one of the most loved hiking regions in Europe. Summer and autumn are the ideal seasons for a hiking holiday in the higher altitudes, but even in spring you can walk through blooming meadows and cool forests while the mountain peaks are still covered in snow.

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Everywhere in Graubünden the signposting for the hiking paths is exemplary. The directions on bright yellow posts provide destinations and estimated walking times. The red and white markings on trees, house corners and rocks direct hikers safely along mountain routes. It is almost impossible to go astray with the exact route provided with the GPS. But Graubünden’s hiking guides can provide much more information than just distances and estimated walking time. They are not only well-acquainted with the gentlest or the wildest paths, forest glades and the most impressive waterfalls; they also know all about the culture, the customs and they know the history, which earlier generations retold. “To show and tell others about where I grew up, has always been a joy for me,” so says Stefan Moser, a hiking guide.

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For the start of a mountain tour it pays to leave the car in the garage and instead climb on board one of the red carriages of the Rhaetian Railway. It is a powerful experience to suddenly pass high over valleys and gorges along viaducts suspended as high as 88 metres above the valley floor. A helpful addition to the train are the yellow post buses, which reach right up into remote mountain villages and valleys. Regular, punctual, reliable… and with a whiff of adventure. This is ensured every time the driver manoeuvres the bus just centimetres from the abyss or navigates around blind curves. 

Swiss Yellow Post Bus

Or the visitor takes the cable car ascending majestically into the mountains and reaching a vantage point with glorious views of mountain ranges and all this possible without fighting for breath or breaking into a sweat. In many resorts, which is unique to Graubünden, the cable cars can be used for free whenever a guest books one or two nights’ accommodation!

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After a hike it is time to order a Bündner Gerstensuppe (Barley soup), a delicious, piping-hot soup or Capuns, a mouth-watering herb-dumpling dish, rolled within marigold leaves and baked in cheese. Finally, the meal is rounded off with a Nusstorte and gratifying cup of coffee. Through the rested hiker’s mind flow thoughts and pictures of this magical landscape. Hiking in Graubünden is simply good. Maybe that has something to do with Graubünden’s greeting – Allegra!  

LINK: http://en.graubuenden.ch/hiking-switzerland/hiking.html  

Davos-Wiesen, Switzerland

Bellevue Hotel Restaurant Davos Wiesen

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Luxury Accommodation for walkers in Graubunden, Switzerland

DAVOS-KLOSTERS - famous summer & winter Alpine paradise and one of the most well-known, traditional ski areas in the world, tucked away in the Grisons mountain range of South-East Switzerland, surrounded by famous names such as Arosa, Flims-Laax and St Moritz.

Bellevuewiesen Graubunden, Switzerland

Wiesen is a chocolate-box Swiss village at 1,495m asl and home to the lovingly-renovated, 21-room Hotel Bellevue from where you gain access to many of the best walking itineraries in the Ela National Park, just one part of the 700km of marked paths, panoramic trails and high-altitude treks of all standards.


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