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50,000 km of Swiss precision make up the network of perfectly maintained routes across the whole of Switzerland. Switzerland is split into 26 Cantons, all with their own individual characters.

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walking in the valais

Valais has the highest point in Switzerland with the peak of Monte Rosa at 4,634 metres / 15,203 feet 

The Valais region extends for 150 km along the Rhone Valley in the south-west of Switzerland,
from the Rhone glacier to Lake Geneva. This canton is home to the Matterhorn and the
Aletsch Glacier, spectacular "Suonen" (irrigation channels), St. Bernard dogs, fighting Eringer
cows and delicately flavoured "Raclette" (melted cheese). Switzerland's third largest canton is
surrounded by 47 peaks rising to more than 4,000 metres, which give it an extremely sunny
and mild climate with low rainfall in the summer and guaranteed snow in the winter. The
culture and the mentality of the people here are strongly influenced by the proximity of Italy
and France, and also by the two languages used in the canton (French is spoken in Lower
Valais while German is the language of Upper Valais). Numerous lateral valleys branch off
from the main Rhone Valley, leading far up to mighty glaciers, towering mountain massifs and
vacation areas that are rich in contrasts. All in all, this is a perfect area for hiking, with a
backdrop of endless natural beauty and a rich stock of secrets for adventurers and pleasureseekers
to discover. Unique cultural attractions and culinary specialties add to the delights,
turning a mountain summer here into an experience that you will never forget. 



The Swiss Alps are known for their unique network of hiking trails. Over 10,000 kilometres of hiking paths, 937 mountain peaks and 615 lakes make Graubünden one of the most loved hiking regions in Europe. Summer and autumn are the ideal seasons for a hiking holiday in the higher altitudes, but even in spring you can walk through blooming meadows and cool forests while the mountain peaks are still covered in snow. 

walking in graubüden 

 walking in graubüden


General information

Traveling around Switzerland is made easy either by the very efficient integrated transport systems or the fast network of motorways linking all major centres. In order to utilise the motorway network you are required to purchase a Motorway Vignette. The vignette run from 1st January to the 31st January of the following year and currently cost 40 euros for a car. You can purchase them in advance at the Switzerland Travel Centre.


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