walking in the czech republic


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walking in the czech republic

There are more than 40,000 kilometres of way marked trails in the Czech Republic maintained voluntarily by members of the Czech Tourist Club

The club produces 1:50 000 scale walking maps based upon very accurate military maps. They can be purchased from most bookshops, tobacconists and museums. The map covers are green, marked with the organization's symbol and the words EDICE TURISTICKÝCH MAP KČT 1 : 50 000 at the top

The Czech Tourism website gives an insight into walking possiblities in the Czech Republic

Czech Switzerland

Euro Routes E3 & E10 pass through the Czech Republic the E3 following the Czech, Slovac & Polish borders and the E10 through Bohemia via Prague and Ceske Budejovice/Budweis (500km)

European Long Distance Walking Route E3 European Long Distance Walking Route E10

Kokořín Roks - Pokličky


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Oranginas provide four regional walking articles for the Czech Republic. They are as follows:


Bohemia South East
Report of a five day hiking trail, acircular walk in an area of southern Bohemia taking in the surroundings of the beautiful city of Cesky Krumlov. The walk also takes a little side step to Bavaria in Germany and a short section of the route in Austria.

Very fine views including Lake Lipno.

The route to the mountains leads you through almost virginal nature and remote villages where time seems to stand still.

Height: 600-1085-1360m.
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Krkonose/Giant mountains
Report of a five day hiking trail in the Krkonose or Giant Mountains in the North West. A trail in the borderland of Poland and the Czech Republic taking in the ski resorts of Pec and Spindleruv-Mlyn (spinning wheel).

On foot a great area to discover an open landscape.

A fantastic route to the mountains through green spring colours in the valleys, rare flora in the natural reserve, flowers and brooks, sometimes a farm, silence, a little village and ruins and chapels.

Highest point: the Snezka mountain (1602 m.)
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Bohemia South
Report of a five day hiking trail, along fortified buildings, castles, ruins, a track along the border of the Otava-river, great beer and a lot of silence. The route goes high above Kasperske Hory the castle with the same name. Stunning views, dense forests, creeks, wetlands, and some glacial lakes.
Height on trail: 600-902m.
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Czech Republic, North East
Report of a four day hiking trail through the fascinating nature in the borderland between the Czech Republic and Poland, between Adrspach, Broumov and Mieroszow. Highlights are perhaps the marvellous and strange mass of rocks you come through: the Rock Town Loop. The route in Poland gives an insight into a farming landscape before the European Common Market period…….. a varied area, mountainous, alternating forest and large open spaces, quiet idyllic villages. In Poland beautiful wooden farmyards.
Height: 600-800m.
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and of course the descriptions are also available in their native Dutch language on oranginas.nl 

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