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Point 6 Marino Wool Socks:

I kept these for a cold day which is very rare for the Isle of Wight, one of the sunniest places in the UK. The temp was hovering around the zero degrees mark with a light ground frost.  My wife and I both donned the Point 6 socks which while feeling quite light weight made a difference to the feel of our boots and made a snug fit. The socks are well cushioned with a terry loop lining and they are well reinforced at the heel and toes.  They were warm and comfortable to begin with but after a while they became hot and our feet tended to slide on the terry cushioning which caused more heat. On removing the socks my toes were very red and quite sore and my wife had developed a nasty blister on one of her toes. Overall a great pair of socks but more suited to much colder conditions. We will save ours for when we visit the north of the country.

steve not a chuf wibberley