new outdoor products

Below are a list of new outdoor products that we have been notified about. We have not necessarily reviewed these products and have just published the manufacturer / supplier claims for the product.

Where we have reviewed the product you will find a link to the review at the bottom of the article.

Houdini Introduce - Action Twill Pants

Houdini has arrived in the UK, the Swedish Sportswear brand that provides exceptional freedom of movement and progressive styling, which is a unique combination that makes it distinctively different.  Houdini’s passion for style and design is never compromised just because it’s created for core athletes.   All Houdini products are worn for their aesthetic values, just as often as for their superior level of performance.

The Action Twill Pants  (Bluesign® approved fabric) are further testament to this ethos with an urban styling in 2-way stretch fabric, perfect for the active user as well as being and dirt and abrasion resistant, these pants can be worn for any outdoor activity and still look good on the street afterwards.

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HARVEY Superwalker XT25 Ochil Hills

 ISBN 978185137 3086 RSP £12.95

New Revised Edition and Format

Harvey Superwalker XT25 Ochil Hills

More than a map, an essential piece of equipment – this new generation

HARVEY Superwalker is designed to be the most practical tool for

navigation outdoors.

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Brunton’s New Heavy Metal™ and Metal™ Reactors: portable power

Brunton’s new Heavy Metal™ 5500 (£65) and Metal™ 4400 (£50) are portable power storage units packing up to 5 charges of a smart phone (Heavy Metal™).   Using high grade Lithium polymer cells (Heavy Metal™) and Litihium Ion cells (Metal™) they charge quickly and last longer, have no memory and minimal discharge giving 1000 cycles at 80% capacity.  Both gadgets are optimised for use with tablets.

Brunton Metal 4400

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Kora™ develop first technical base layer using Yak 

With a soft-handle, technical qualities and an ethical harvesting process, kora™ has managed to produce performance base-layer clothing from Yak-wool and, in tests, this has surpassed its merino equivalents.

Kora™ has developed a unique fabric for active use called Hima-Layer™: it’s unique in that it’s made from yak wool. Extremely soft, the wool is sourced directly from remote nomadic communities in the Himalayas via the KeGaWa Herders’ Co-operative.

Why use yak wool when you can have merino?

•      In tests kora™ Hima-Layer™ fabric is 40% warmer than merino wool weight for weight;

•      It wicks efficiently [about the same merino] and is 17% better at transporting water vapour through it than merino [see editor’s notes for clarification];

•      Hima-Layer™ fabric is very breathable, having 66% greater air permeability than merino;

•      A kora™ 230gsm base layer is warmer, lighter and more breathable than a merino 260gsm equivalent. 


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Teva launches its top of the range hiking boot: Riva Peak Mid eVent

The new top-of-the-range Riva Peak Mid eVent® boot [for men and women] has been designed to provide a superior fit, durability and the comfort that you have come expect from their sandal range. If you're heading out on a short day or multi-day hike the Riva Peak Mid eVent will ensure day-long comfort and performance.

Teva (a division of Deckers Outdoor Corporation NASDAQ: DECK) is launching the Riva Peak Mid eVent boots for men and women in March 2014.  A mid-height, three-season boot, it features a quality full grain leather upper with eVent waterproof protection and a sturdy Vibram® sole.

Teva is renowned for producing premium outdoor footwear.  Its obsession with water, comfort and protection has led it to creating a Trail range of footwear.  The Riva Peak Mid boot sits at the top of this range.

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Nikwax demonstrates that High Performance outerwear does not depend upon PFC technology

Nikwax Waterproofing has until now has been best known as a world leader for its waterproofing aftercare products. However, Nikwax is now entering the international world of supplying PFC free water-repellent technology to manufacturers of outdoor clothing.

Nikwax is launching two new garment component products at ISPO 2014: Nikwax Hydrophobic Down, which is being built into Rab Down garments, and the Nikwax Analogy Waterproof System which is being used to construct Páramo waterproof clothing. Both products are completely PFC free, and both have been shown to function at a high level in extreme conditions.

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Aquapac launches 100% waterproof Toccoa Daysacks

Aquapac’s new 100% waterproof Toccoa™ Daysacks are part of the company’s new TrailProof range for those who simply want to pack and go and require tough and uncompromising protection for their gear.

The new Toccoa™ Daysacks are 28 litre packs made from tough 500D Vinyl which will resist scrapes and abrasions while on the trail. The all-welded construction seals out any water and these lightweight yet durable daysacks work on the Aquapac roll down seal principle (tested by Imperial College of London and certified to a minimum of IPX6) which makes them as waterproof as you can get without total immersion and can cope in the most torrential weather.

New Aquapac Toccoa daysacks

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