new outdoor products

Below are a list of new outdoor products that we have been notified about. We have not necessarily reviewed these products and have just published the manufacturer / supplier claims for the product.

Where we have reviewed the product you will find a link to the review at the bottom of the article.

Made for the mountains...

Designed by the experts, Lifesystems' Mountain First Aid Kit is the ultimate companion on any adventure

Life Systems Logo

Life outdoors is never predictable so ensure you are prepared out on the hills with a Lifesystems Mountain First Aid Kit. Developed by a team of outdoor experts, including expedition doctor Hugh Montgomery, the comprehensive kit is ideal for mountaineers, serious trekkers or anyone heading away from the beaten track. Updated for 2013, the Mountain First Aid Kit features a brand-new nylon case complete with eye-catching red zips for increased visibility in emergency situations.

Designed specifically

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Lighten up with Keen.CNX

Leading the way for Spring 2013, KEEN proudly unveil their revolutionary CNX range – a collection of innovative, low profile, lightweight active shoes designed to completely enhance your experience in the outdoors. This brand new collection from KEEN brings fresh thinking to lightweight protective footwear, with classic KEEN fit and comfort guaranteed in every pair. Designed to feel like a natural extension of the foot, each of the 20 KEEN.CNX styles weighs less than 285 grams and is ready to play however you get your kicks in the outdoors.

Available across KEEN’s waterfront, multi-sport and casual categories, all shoes

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Vibram®’s Natural Shape Technology exclusive to Asolo

Vibram® has teamed up with Asolo to create an innovation in footwear – Natural Shape technology. Drawing on the wealth of their knowledge the two brands have launched Asolo Reston (Men) and Athena (Women) that feature the new Vibram NS Sole. Ideal for hiking this range has recently one the Editors Choice Award in Backpacker Magazine USA for its exceptional design, performance, comfort and innovation.


Aquapac’s New Upano™ Waterproof Duffels

Aquapac Duffels

Aquapac’s new three-strong range of Upano™ Waterproof Duffels are ideal for carrying kit where the risk of getting wet is high, such as rafting or sailing, as well as great for using for general travel, base camp and expeds.

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Warm up while walking with Lifeventure…

Enjoy a tea-break in the great outdoors with a Lifeventure Wide Mouth Vacuum Flask.

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Mammut T Aenergy GTX

With the T Aenergy GTX, which builds on the highly successful Mammut Teton GTX, the inevitable question arises: How much technology fits into a simple hiking shoe? The T Aenergy GTX combines all modern innovations of the Mammut Footwear team.

mammut aenergy gtx womens boot 

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 Aquapac’s NEW 100% Waterproof iPhone case – a perfect fit

In response to consumer demand, Aquapac has launched a 100% waterproof case specifically for the iPhone.

Previously Aquapac’s mini and small Whanganui cases were used to protect iPhones from water, dirt and sand. This new iPhone case has been cut-down in size so the fit is better and more compact.

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