Powerful light in the palm of your hand

Instant light in the palm of your hand with the stylish, new Mini Floodlight from Go Travel

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Whether you are navigating a dark hostel room or finding your way to and from your jungle cabana in a remote eco-lodge, with the powerful, new Mini Floodlight from Go Travel both you and your surrounds will be effortlessly illuminated. Designed with the latest LED technology, the new Mini Floodlight produces a bright and expansive mega beam that surpasses narrow beam flash lights.  This pen-sized innovation with slimline profiling is a neat alternative to bulky torches.


Go Travel mini floodlight


Proof that beautiful and minimalist looks can be deceiving, underneath the light’s neat, robust exterior it is bursting to offer superior performance.  The Mini Floodlight features COB (Chips On Board) Strip Light Technology that uses lots of small LED chips, packed tightly together as one lighting module. The result is a powerful, brilliant and voluminous light. Hailed as the next step in LED innovation, devices featuring COB LEDs offer several benefits over standard LED devices. As well as providing a greater output from a smaller source, the Mini Floodlight also promises more even light distribution.

Guaranteeing that it is always to hand whenever extra light is required, the device also features a convenient, hands-free magnetic clip.  Take the ultimate romantic selfie in a dimly lit but unimaginably exotic location by simply attaching it to your metal selfie stick pole.  Equally, it can be easily secured to other metal surfaces, clipped on to a tent pocket, as well as the exterior of a pack or a shirt pocket. 

Compact yet dazzlingly powerful, the new Mini Floodlight is available in an assortment of eye-catching colours. For more information visit the website www.go-travelproducts.com.