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SmartWool offers the ultimate sock collection for summer 15 with designs and models to suit all foot shapes, conditions, activities and temperatures.  Features include not only the unsurpassed 4 Degree Elite Fit System, offering even more extraordinary comfort but also ReliaWool Technology in the toe and heel making these areas stronger and a lot more durable than ever before.



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SmartWool PhD sock collection has products specifically designed for different activities including Run, Hiking & Trekking, Mountaineering and Bike. 

All benefit from the above technologies and to keep feet cool on hot summer days the PhD Ultra Light Micro, Ultra Light Mini, Ultra Light Crew, Light Mini and Light Crew are highly recommended and are available in men and women’s specific designs.

Merino Wool works faster and releases moisture vapour quickly so the wearer stays drier and more focused

Antimicrobial - natural fibres resist bacteria that make the ‘bad’ smells

Merino wool next to the skin manages sweat so well it can actually moderate core body temperature and reverse lactic acid build up

Merino effectively transports moisture vapour away from skin before it turns to sweat this natural cooling helps maintain a lower heart rate.

Smartwool PhD Run light Elite Socks


The PhD® Performance Sock Collection delivers extraordinary comfort so athletes can do what they love to do for longer without being hindered by any friction or discomfort during their chosen activities

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