New Trek’n Eat meals: vegan, hearty and yummy as always

Trek’n Eat enhances your outdoor menu with delicacies to suit everyone’s tastes.

Sometimes you want vegan and exotic, sometimes hearty, and sometimes a little high-tech: The new meals from Trek’n Eat have it all. Be it Couscous with Vegetables, Vegetable Jambalaya, a Hearty Potato Stir Fry with Beef and green Beans, or the Peronin Orange High Tech Wholegrain Muesli, the new dishes give you energy and are tasty accents to add variety to your outdoor kitchen.


Trek'n eat packaging

North African pleasure and refreshing vegan fare: The new Couscous with Vegetables is the perfect combo for everyone who wants to be fortified with purely plant-based and extremely tasty meals when out and about. A variety of vegetables ensures fresh flavors that harmoniously combine traditional spices and couscous typical to North African cuisine. Simply pour boiling water into the resealable pouch to the fill line, stir, let it stand for a few minutes, and then enjoy the wafting smells reminiscent of Morocco. The light, low-fat meal from Trek’n Eat will be a must-have for every outdoor adventure.

Vegan is IN. That’s why Trek’n Eat is offering yet another vegan meal. Vegetable Jambalaya is based on long-grain rice and is particular at home in Cajun and Creole cuisine. Of course, New Orleans, in the U.S. state of Louisiana, is actually the culinary capital of Jambalaya, but now outdoor enthusiasts can prepare this unique taste experience anywhere in the world. The traditionally vibrant spice combination awakens all of the senses in outdoor life. Simply pour boiling water into the pouch to the fill line, stir well, and after two minutes you’re ready to be transported directly to the Big Easy via your taste buds. All ingredients are of course purely plant based, gluten free and low fat.

True home cooking for outdoor lovers: With the motto “Eat just like at Mom’s,” the Hearty Potato Stir Fry with Beef and green Beans is ready to offer you a flavorful taste experience and nutritional goodness in just 10 minutes. Beef and beans work together as ingredients to create a savory one-pot meal. As usual at Trek’n Eat, all ingredients are natural. Plus, artificial colors as well as preservatives and flavor enhancers are omitted. Pour in boiling water, and enjoy this flavorful meal after 10 minutes. Well fortified, you are now ready to carry on with the trekking or climbing tour.

Peronin Orange High Tech Wholegrain Muesli is cutting-edge technology for your taste buds: It is healthy, tasty, and filled with a special mix of minerals and many vitamins. This is how to start the day filled with long-lasting energy for your outdoor adventure. Strawberries, pineapple and orange add the tasty flavor of fresh fruit. Thanks to the addition of Peronin, which is quickly absorbed and immediately utilized by the body, fatigue is a thing of the past. Nothing stands in the way of even extremely physical challenges. Enjoy either cold or warm!

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