Nalgene launch On The Fly 

We all know that keeping hydrated is one of the most essential considerations in any healthy active lifestyle and is something that should always be considered.  Nalgene’s On The Fly(OTF) bottle is the perfect answer to carrying the water that is essential for hydration whatever your lifestyle choices and demands. 

On The Fly Water bottle

On The Fly Water bottleOn The Fly Water bottleOn The Fly Water bottleOn The Fly Water bottle

The OTF bottle is made to carry 650ml and its unique design, whilst totally watertight can also be conveniently opened with only one hand, making it perfect for when you’re riding a bike, climbing, mountaineering or practically any other outdoor activity where using one hand instead of two is sometimes a necessity

The bottle can fit into a bike cage or a cup holder and the very cleverly designed locking bale is 100% leak-proof with a very easy to use push button open closure mechanism.  The On The Fly Bottle is a must-have for any traveler or outdoor adventurer as it is easy to open with one hand also very durable.

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The On The Fly Bottle is available at leading outdoor retailers nationwide in a wide variety of colours and retails for just £10.99.  The product is available on