Banish biting insects

Lifesystems extends its repellent range with a new Midge & Mosquito Repellent 

As experts warn that a bumper year of midges lies ahead, outdoor-survival expert Lifesystems introduces a new Midge & Mosquito Repellent into its popular range. Specially developed with a combination of active ingredients including myrtle extract, the new repellent provides up to 8 hours of protection against small biting insects such as midges, sandflies and mosquitoes.


Life Systems Midge Mosquito insect Repellent

Midges are a common nuisance for outdoor enthusiasts in the UK and this year’s combination of a mild winter and wet, warm start to spring have created perfect conditions for the insect’s larvae to thrive. A particular problem throughout Scotland, walkers and campers are often plagued by large swarms of the tiny insects that leave individuals with itchy and painful bites.

Containing DEET, Pyrethrum and myrtle extract, the new Midge & Mosquito formula has been developed by experts at Lifesystems to offer an advanced defence during outdoor adventures. Midges are attracted to their prey by carbon dioxide and other odours that are emitted from the skin’s surface. The repellent features a dual action formula containing DEET, natural insecticide Pyrethrum and myrtle extract. The DEET works by blocking the insects’ receptors so that they are less likely to land on your skin, while the addition of Pyrethrum and myrtle extract (a substance repulsive to midges) reduce the probability of any insects that do land on you from biting.

Offering effective protection from all types of biting insects, the repellent has an easy-to-use, spray application.

For more information or to view the complete range, visit or watch Lifesystems’ guide to insect repellents -