windy lite dry gloves from extremities do what it says on the tin (well actually packet)…

Originally designed for fast and lite activities such as Trail Running and Adventure Racing the Windy Lite Dry is a fantastic multipurpose glove. It’s great on colder days when you are pushing hard enough to stay warm but just need something to cut the chill. The gloves are also small and light enough to pack away into any pocket without noticing them and they dry very quickly should they get wet.

 Windy Lite Dry

The Windy Lite Dry, available in a men’s and women’s fit, is also a great back up glove for any outdoor user to have with them from Spring through to Autumn.

This popular glove from the extremities range is a simple, no fuss design featuring Windstopper on the back of the glove to cut out the wind chill, a breathable and wicking material on the palm to help keep you dry and a simple stretch cuff for a great fit.

The Windy Lite Dry from extremities does what it says on the packet; windproof, light and dries away moisture fast, you can’t beat it.

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