Time to talk about ticks…

Be prepared with Lifesystems as increasingly mild conditions boost the UK’s tick population.

Following expert predictions that warmer conditions will lead to increased numbers of ticks, outdoor and travel healthcare expert Lifesystems reveals its top tips to reduce the risk of bites this summer.

Lifesystems Expedition repllent and tick remover card


According to Professor Richard Wall, a tick expert from Bristol University, increasingly mild and wet weather provides the perfect breeding conditions for ticks and could lead to a significant rise in the biting pest’s population. A problem for all types of outdoor enthusiasts, ticks not only leave behind a painful and itchy bite, they also pose a risk of blood-borne infections including Lyme disease. With figures suggesting that tick-borne diseases like Lyme disease have increased substantially over the last 10 -20 years, ensuring you are adequately prepared and protected has never been more important. 


Ticks are at their most prevalent between April and October but outdoor enthusiasts should be tick-aware all year round. The best way to avoid contracting a tick-borne infection is to prevent a tick from attaching itself in the first place. Charities including Lyme Disease Action recommend wearing long-sleeved tops and trousers and applying an insect repellent before hitting the hill. Lifesystems’ Expedition Sensitive repellent uses Saltidin to offer effective protection from ticks and other biting insects. Its DEET-free formula is perfect for sensitive skin and can be used with confidence by the whole family.


The quicker you safely remove a tick, the less damage it will do. Check for ticks throughout the day and again carefully once you are back at home. Important places to check for bites include your legs and ankles, around your groin, under your arms and even behind and inside your ears. Also, it is vital to shake out all walking clothes to ensure there aren’t any ticks lurking in the fabric.



Lifesystems’ Tick Remover Card makes it easy to safely identify and remove a tick. Firstly, the Tick Remover Card’s integrated magnifying glass allows you to quickly identify the location and size of the tick that has bitten you. Then, the different sized removal slots ensure it is effortless to fully slide the card beneath the tick and safely lift out the entire insect. As well as reducing the risk of accidentally twisting or breaking off part of the tick, and unlike tweezers, the Tick Remover Card prevents you from squeezing any infected fluid from the tick’s body back into your blood stream. 

Thanks to its ultra-lightweight and compact design, the Tick Remover Card can be stored neatly inside a pocket, wallet or daypack until it is needed.


For more information about Lifesystems or to view the complete Insect Repellent collection, visit www.lifesystems.co.uk. 

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