travel information for walkers.

Trains, planes,cars,donkeys,bull nosed buses across islands, romantic ferries bobbing on a blue sea. 

What type of transport you decide on to get you to your walking destination, plus travel around and then the inevitable homeward bound journey, will effect your walking experience.

 Are you prepared for the white sheets of a super hotel, or can you camp in a car (it has been known)

What time of day you depart will also need to be taken into account, do you sleep on the overnight ferry to then awake to a super breakfast or do you whiz on the tunnel or fly in the air  and arrive fresh as a daisy!

Think about a variety of issues, financial, environmental,safety and emotional wellbeing. There is a lot to be said for careful planning.

If you have found an interesting mode of transport, from sea cats to ski lifts we would like to know.