Your Ways, Your Walks.

Have you a favorite local walk, does it amble threw meadows or require hiking up steep hills?

Here at Walking on the Web we are interested in publishing your favorite walking routes.

Can you please say a bit about yourselves, the points of interest, any relevant map and guide book details.

As you probably know by now we cover all of Europe, so any area will be of interest to our readers,have you been on an exciting adventure in the holidays,please make sure that any images are suitable for a family audience.

Articles can include images, why you chose the walk, interesting cultural spots, local hostilaries ,good food and accommodation. Also an indication of the length of the walk,level of fitness required ,local transport,suitability for children.

Please send your article to

Please note the Editor reserves the right to decide if your article is suitable to publish. If you wish for your name to Not appear after the article then make it clear in you correspondence. Many Thanks.